The Flicker of Hope ‘family’ stand with our founding family, the Petropoulos family, at this traumatic time, as they grieve the loss of Elizabeth Petropoulos. Her passing is devastating to all who know this loving and generous family.

The Flicker of Hope Foundation Board acknowledge the sad loss of a most amazing person, wife and mother, who was only recently diagnosed with NF.

Elizabeth was a loving wife to Nicholas – Anne and Con’s son – and mother of their two children, Isabella, 5 and Lucas, 2.

Elizabeth was 33. She was diagnosed with NF in late 2019, and in late June 2023 was found to have a cancerous tumour in her brain. Elizabeth underwent immediate surgery for removal of the tumour, but it quickly returned, along with multiple other tumours throughout her body.

Chemotherapy and radiation was her only treatment option, and Elizabeth faced that battle with strength, positivity and a desire to fight as hard as she could to live to see her children grow up.

Tragically, her amazing will and courage was not enough, and she very sadly passed away on 14th October, 2023.

Elizabeth’s story was recently told by Justine Conway on Channel 9, and highlighted Elizabeth’s desire to make a difference and bring a flicker of hope to all those impacted by NF.

During the last three months, the Petropoulos family, led by Nick and Anne, have been so strong and supportive of Elizabeth, particularly as she faced weeks of separation from her children whilst in Melbourne for surgery and treatment.

It is sheer co-incidence that Elizabeth’s sister in law Zoe has been living with NF from birth. Zoe inspired the Petropoulos family to establish The Flicker of Hope Foundation in 2018, with the sole aim to raise funds for NF medical research. The great personal loss the family has now experienced demonstrates why more research is so desperately needed.

Elizabeth’s light will continue to shine thanks to the establishment of “Elizabeth’s Legacy”. 100% of donations to Elizabeth’s Legacy will be directed to NF medical research.

This tragic event strengthens the resolve of all associated with Flicker of Hope – to continue to raise funds for research and treatment of NF, to shine a light and bring hope to everyone affected by NF.

Bruce McMenamin
Flicker of Hope Foundation Ltd.